About Migwan





Migwan was founded in September of 2004 by a small number of individuals and young families of varied backgrounds.Their common purpose was to create a home for liberal Judaism in the Basel area. From the outset, many “expats” have participated in our congregation, and all our events are held in German and English. A number of our English-speaking members have become long-term residents of Basel or of other communities in the area. At present, Migwan has 60 adult members and about 30 children/young people, with membership of both groups steadily rising.





Peter Jossi, president, communication, peter@migwan.ch
Peter Hurwitz, religion, hurwitz@migwan.ch
Robert Szemere, treasurer, szemere@migwan.ch
Ben Rosenbaum, education und youth, ben@migwan.ch
Orah Mendelberg, culture, orah@migwan.ch
Thomas Bollinger, business procedures/security, thomas@migwan.ch