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B’nei Mitzvah families and Rabbi Diane Lakein will meet at Migwan
Friday, April 28, 6:30pm







Saturday, April 29, 10:00 pm,
Shacharit service with Rabbi Diane LAkein, followed by Kiddush and a shiur  with the following topic:
In the Torah, we are commanded to count 7 x 7 days between the time of the barley harvest ( at Pessach) and the wheat harvest (at Shavuot). The rabbis embedded these two harvest festivals in our story of coming into relationship with God: We freed from Egypt on Pessach and recieve the Torah on Shavuot – thus rendering visible that we were  freed in order to serve God (joyfully)! On Shabbat we want to explore together what meanings we can uncover in the counting of the Omer and how we might consciously prepare ourselves on the road to Sinai for new “revelations.”




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Musical Kabbalat Shabbat with the Mechaje choir
Friday, May 5, 6:30 pm





Sunday, May 21, Migwan/Ofec Brunch




L’Chaim Bar and lecture by Michal Lewkowicz, clarinetist,
” on jewish music and it’s origins” Monday, May 22, 6 pm lecture held in english, 7 pm L’Chaim Bar