New Year greetings from the President

Migwan has experienced many changes this year, some have been planned, some were spontaneously and by that accomplished challenges, which strengthen our community and let us grow steadily.

Personally, I am very grateful to everyone, committed in a variety of ways, to our community.

On the 27th of August, the exchange of our Torascroll was carried out. We received as a replacement a role from the memorialscroll Trust, which we can now inaugurate at the High Holiday service. www.memorialscrollstrust.org

This year, the Board has decided to focus this year’s High Holiday donations on the establishment and expansion of a rich cultural and educational program and contributions / donations to our liturgical institutions.

Please support the community of Migwan with your donation. We are grateful for any donation!

I wish you a Happy New Year,

שנה טובה ומתוקה

Peter Jossi





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Migwan is the liberal Jewish community in the Basel region and a center for Jewish religious and cultural life. Migwan is the Hebrew word for diversity, and we respect and value all forms of Jewish identity. We invite you to  participate with your ideas to help build our congregation.
Shabbat and holiday services, which are conducted in Hebrew, German and English, are held in a warm, Jewish atmosphere. We emphasize the importance of education and culture. Offering religious instruction and courses for people of all ages.