Message from the Rabbi, Kislev/Hanukkah

Dear members, On Sunday evening the 18th of December we will light the first candle of Hanukkah and then we...
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Mizvah Day 2022

  MitzvaDay (1) November 20th is international Mizvah day. Please mark your calendar! Under the patronage of our umbrella organization...
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From Orah Mendelberg, Vice president and board member

Dear members and guests, Dear children and young adults Migwan is not an isolated island of aliens. No, Migwan is...
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The Migwan Siddur Project is in it’s final stage!

Donations for our Siddur Project The Migwan Siddur Project is in it's final stage!  In the coming months we will...
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Migwan is the liberal Jewish community in the Basel region and a center for Jewish religious and cultural life and is a  member of the plattform  of the liberal Jews in Switzerland. www.liberaljews.ch

Migwan is the Hebrew word for diversity, and we respect and value all forms of Jewish identity. We invite you to  participate with your ideas to help build our congregation.

Shabbat and holiday services, which are conducted in Hebrew, German and English, are held in a warm, Jewish atmosphere. We emphasize the importance of education and culture. Offering religious instruction and courses for people of all ages.


Torascroll from Brno