Chava Fleming, Cultus

Our Purimfest was a celebration of wonderful volunteer work: many thanks to the Megillah readers, members, families and visitors who all participated with enthusiasm. It was another heart-warming, shared experience. Let's continue these beautiful Migwan traditions. There are many opportunities this month: You can take a close look at our second rabbinic candidate, Moshe Barnett, attend our Passover Seder and meet our third candidate, Avigail Ben-Dor Niv. You can find the exact dates in the Migwan online calendar. 

Siddur Update:


May I remind you that there is an opportunity to celebrate and to commemorate a family event in the new Migwan siddur: perhaps a birth, a B’nei Mitzvah, a wedding, a special exam success, or the grandchildren. Then there is most importantly an opportunity to remember loved ones who have passed away but who are always with us in our hearts. If you wish to order such a siddur commemoration, and have not yet done so, for CHF 300.- you are assured of a place in the Memory section of the new siddur, which we sincerely hope will be presented to the community in time for the August Jubilee weekend.

Please send me @ the desired text. You can donate the amount directly online under the heading "Siddur" with various payment options.

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