In keeping true to the meaning of ‘Migwan’ we feel it is essential to have prayer books that are consistently inclusive with English, German, Hebrew and transliteration of the Hebrew for the entire text. Only in this way can all of our members fully engage with religious life in Migwan, but such prayer books are not available commercially.

1.5 years ago Migwan embarked on an ambitious project to create our ideal prayer books for Shabbat and the High Holidays. We have made enormous progress thanks to Rabbi Weingarten, Esther Berns, and a core of Migwan members and staff who have actively contributed their time, energy and knowledge. We believe that the outcome of these projects will also serve the broader community of German- and English-speaking Jews in Europe.

We have a near-final manuscript of the Siddur, and during these High Holidays we will debut the first draft of the Machzor. The Siddur is ready to print in its final form of durable, hard-cover books that will serve both our community for many years to come, as well as be available for purchase to other communities. The Machzor requires another year of work–you will see the final draft in 2022.

At this time, we are seeking donations to fund both the ongoing editing and the final printing of at least 200 copies of the Siddur in 2023. Our goal is to raise CHF 30,000 to fund this project. We believe the ongoing sales of Siddurim will provide a future stream of financial support for Migwan.

These funds will support the additional Rabbi and staff time invested, the printing and professional editing of drafts and the final, high quality printing. We welcome donations of all sizes. Donors will be recognized in the final printed editions of the books.

We thank you in advance for your support of this project, both for its importance to our daily religious life, as well as to the ongoing financial health of Migwan.

We welcome donations of all sizes. Donors will be recognized in the final printed editions of the books.




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