Hebrew for adults

Our Hebrew course for adults has entered its second year, with a lovely group of interested students learning every Monday evening online with Dan. We also meet once a month live at Migwan to learn, sing, play and have some cake together! (Uga – עוגה 🙂
If you’d like to improve your Hebrew knowledge, you are most welcome to join the course!
Please feel free to contact Dan at with any questions about level, times etc.








Hebrew Sha’at Sipur -שעת סיפור
We will meet in Migwan to read together the story “on Jeremiah Street” (from the wonderful Pj library collection), a story about neighborhood, dreams and collaboration, and together we will craft some of our dreams on paper.Suitable for kids ages 4-7
Entry CHF 3.00 per child (for craft supplies and a snack)
For more information and to register, please reach out to Carmit at


A small Hebrew library is now  opened in Migwan, it contains 2 separate bookshelves, one for adults in the main room, and the other for Children books in the classroom.
The books are free to take, no registration needed, just return them once you are done.’





Latest news:


K’tanim is a program for kids ranging from three years old to the start of Unzgi. We meet once a month on a Saturday or Sunday from 10 am to 12 pm. There is a topic for every program, a Jewish holiday or an aspect of Judaism, that we get kids excited about by singing songs, telling stories, doing arts & crafts, playing games, dancing, etc.

The people currently responsible for K’tanim are Lea Levi and Noah Rosenbaum, with Olivia MacFadden, Samuel Grosz, and Sabrina Giger as assistants.

Contact us at to get added to the mailing list and WhatsApp group.

Jeens is a group for post-b’nei mitzvah teens ages 12-19. We meet once a month for Shiurim with Rabbi Akiva, pizza parties, movie nights, and whatever else we decide to do (there may or may not be a Europa Park visit coming up.) The Jeens program is organized by Olivia MacFadden, Lea Levi, Noah Rosenbaum, Dan Dunkelblum, and Benjamin Rosenbaum.

Contact us at to get added to the WhatsApp group.

Ze’irimot is the group for young adults (ages 18 to 35). We meet once every two months for pub quizzes, glamping trips, and more.

Contact us at to get added to the WhatsApp group.



We had nice Hanukkah festivities at the Unzgi, with Menorahs, Dreidels and food. And now we go on the winter school break. All classes will resume in the week starting on January 9th.
Preview: B’nai Mizvah meetings with Rabbi Akiva 
Starting in February 2023 there will be a monthly group meeting with Rabbi Akiva for all teens aged 12-15 – who either have their celebration next year or had it in the last two years. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and understand Judaism better. The meetings will take place once a month before each Kabbalat Shabbat in Migwan and sometimes online. Families will receive more info about it via email.

NEW – Unzgi for Hebrew speaking children

For the first time we have a small Unzgi group of young children (ages 6-8) who speak Hebrew at home. They learn weekly with Carmit, focusing on the Hebrew letters and on Judaism in a really fun way. We are very happy about this, and would love to welcome more Israeli and Hebrew speaking children. If you know relevant families, please have them contact us at:

Children/ Youth education 
Education is one of the pillars of Migwan, and we aim at raising Jewish awareness and knowledge in a friendly and welcoming environment. We offer:
  • Weekly Hebrew and Judaism lessons for children ages 6-13, focusing on basic Hebrew literacy and Jewish traditions and values.
  • Bnei Mitzvah preparation, both individually and in a group.
  • Jeens (Jewish teens) group, for youth aged 13-18, who meet about once a month.
The classes and activities are conducted in German and English. We recently opened a group of young children who speak Hebrew at home as well.
Our main teachers are Dan Dunkelblum and Carmit Natan, both Israeli musicians living in Basel. The “Jeens” group is led by Olivia Mcfadden.
For registration, further information or questions, please contact:


Simchat Torah October 2022:



Bar Mizvah celebration Benji Giger August 2022:





Bat Mizvah celebration Noga Grossmann: