Migwan Siddur

We are pleased to share that the Migwan community met the challenge of the Siddur Project CHF 10,000 Matching Gift Campaign!  As of the 3rd week in November 38 community members had donated a combined CHF 11,000, so combined with the matching donation, we raised CHF 21,000!  We wish to thank all the members who contributed, but especially the Eichler family.  Their generous gift provided a needed infusion of energy to the project, and to our community engagement.  It was especially gratifying to announce the success and publicly thank the Eichler family on the occasion of their son Alessandro’s Bar Mitzvah.
Although this was a giant step forward, we aim to raise an additional CHF 10,000 to fully fund the final layout and printing of 500 copies of our new siddur.  We envision that sales of these siddurim will provide a small ongoing source of income for Migwan in the future.  Donations of all sizes are welcome.  The offer for each CHF 300 donation to receive a personal copy of the siddur is still open!  Please use the QR code to make your donation.

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As a further incentive, for each CHF 300.00 you donate, you will receive your own personal copy of the Siddur.  We will recognize donors, lifecycle events, memoriam or other special occasions in the final printed Siddur as well.  Please reach out to Chava Fleming (chava@migwan.ch) to discuss these opportunities.