We stand in solidarity with all the people of Israel and pray for peace.


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The first meeting with Prof Nir Grossman to discuss the situation in Israel was fruitful, and members were grateful for the opportunity.To be involved in further discussions please contact



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Kibbutz Nirim

On Saturday, October 7, 2023, on Simchat Torah, Kibbutz Nirim was the victim of a terrible terrorist attack. For over 24 hours, terrorists took over the kibbutz, murdered, kidnapped, burned houses with their residents and destroyed property.
People from this kibbutz are now refugees who lost their families, friends and their homes.
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Center for severely disabled children.
Staff and volunteers strive to ensure a regular daily routine for the residents and rehabilitation patients and to keep them in good spirits. All beds have been moved to ADI Negev’s many secure rooms and activities and therapies take place in these same rooms. The ADI team and volunteers are devoted to their charges, explaining the situation to them and helping them get used to the new situation so that they have a sense of order and security thanks to the new routine.
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Leket Israel
The National Food Bank
Cooked Meal Purchase and Distribution. Approximately 10,000 meals, prepared from caterers around the country, are distributed daily to the residents in the south. Supporting the Farming Community100 volunteers were sent to over 20 farms to help farmers harvest their produce, so it doesn’t rot in the fields.
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Providing Shelter for Israeli Families in Danger
Kiriat Yearim
Kiriat Yearim is a Swiss organization for disadvantaged children and young people in Israel.

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IBAN CH51 0900 0000 8717 9012 3
Verein Kiriat Yearim
8034 Zürich

Keren Hajessod Schweiz
The core and long-term mission of Keren Hajessod is strengthening the Israeli community.


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