Welcome to our double issue of the Newsletter June-July 2024! We are very excited about the Tikkun Leil Shavuot on Zoom program on June 11th, partnering together with Dresden and Leipzig – please see the full program below. During the month of June we have many cultural events upcoming, including a tour of the Paul Sacher Stiftung and other co-sponsored events.

Migwan will celebrate their 20th Anniversary and the program for August 25 is available: register early: The registration deadline for the anniversary is Sunday, 30 June, to: Esther Berns, executive director, e-mail:

I wish you already now a wonderful month of June, and happy holidays in July.

Judy Caliano

Migwan offers a variety of church services, cultural events and children's programmes. Our current newsletter as well as the calendar contain dates, times and venues. We look forward to your visit.

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