This year is a Jewish leap year, which means that Passover does not start until 22 April! We would be delighted to see you at Migwan on 23 April for our Seder together.

Our lessons will start after the school holidays in the week of 8 April and we will teach as usual on Wednesday 24 April.


Next school year


We are now starting to plan for the 2024/25 school year. Please let us know if your children would like to continue at "Unzgi" - we hope so! and if you have a child who will be 6-7 years old in 2024 and would like to start lessons. You are cordially invited to tell interested families about our school. We have groups in English, German and, since this year, also for Hebrew-speaking children.

All the best!
Carmit and Dan

Hebrew Library

Migwan now has a small Hebrew library with two separate bookshelves, one for adults in the main room and the other for children's books in the classroom. The books can be borrowed free of charge.

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