Dear Migwan community 

The participation and co-determination of our members in the further development of our community is important to us. We therefore look forward to your participation and exchange at our Annual General Meeting 2024 on 17 April, when we can already look back on 20 years of history. Since its founding, the Liberal Jewish Community Migwan has created a liberal-progressive Jewish home for families, children and individuals. "Next Generation" is the slogan for the sustainable further development of our community.

An important goal of our growing community is to strengthen Jewish identity, especially in a non-Jewish society. The high proportion of children and young people and the independent liberal-progressive religious education programme are one of our most important strengths. As a Migwan community, we are pleased to see how the children from the founding period are now heavily involved in community life as teenagers and young adults. We are aware that this is by no means a matter of course. We therefore want to ensure that our young members have the necessary room for manoeuvre for their concerns and ideas for the future. At the same time, we are pleased to welcome many young families to the Migwan community.

Migwan is part of the Jewish-liberal community of values, to which around 1,200 liberal communities in 30 countries with a total of around 1.8 million members belong. The PLJS actively represents the concerns of the three communities in the "European Union for Progressive Judaism" and the global umbrella organisation "World Union for Progressive Judaism" (WUPJ). We are using the anniversary year to raise awareness of our independent socio-political values and thus make a contribution to social cohesion in Basel and far beyond.

Peter Jossi,

President Migwan

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